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Dear friends.

Recently I have been collecting abusive public comments from men about women and/or feminists from around the web. I published them in an album on Facebook and named the album Men who hate women.

I have been reported twice for republishing other peoples comments and I am currently blocked from posting on Facebook for three days. My friends and supporters have written a letter to Facebook to express their concern, see below. We ask you please to spread this around, the message has to be heard that women refuse to be silenced.

All the best,


Reykjavík, Iceland.

The following can be emailed to and

Dear Facebook team,

I’m writing to express my concern over the blocking of the Facebook account of Hildur Lilliendahl;

Mrs. Lilliendahl is a feminist activist and has contributed significantly to bringing attention to gender bias in the Icelandic community. One of her activities has been to point out hate speech directed towards women on Facebook and other pages on the internet.

Now her account is blocked. Her only “offense” was pointing out derogatory remarks and saving them as screenshots in one of her albums. These remarks were all from open web-pages, open for the whole world to see in the first place.

The following is a translation of a comment that she copied from an open wall on Facebook that has now been removed by the Facebook team from Hildur’s album and resulted in her being blocked from using her account:

“have only one thing to say you can’t expect all these men to hate women I think that you hate men yourself and never get to fuck because you have the Sahara desert in your crotch and you feminists try to feel better by blaming men it is sad for you to do this words don’t always mean hate, you know”

The people using said hate speech are continuing their usage of Facebook with no repercussions.

There has been a discussion in the Icelandic web community about the blocking of Mrs. Lilliendahl’s account and we are shocked at Facebook’s actions. Especially in light of Facebook’s failure to react on pages in Icelandic that contain hate speech directed towards women and religious minorities. We are beginning to suspect that Mrs. Lillienndahl is being subjected to silencing as a punishment for her equal rights activities.

I hope you reconsider your decision to block Mrs. Lilliendahl’s account, we need people like her to help us making Iceland and the world more equal.


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